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Please submit your bass music HERE along with your artist name and track title. We will not accept demos as email attachments. We are looking for original dance music, free of uncleared samples, of the dubstep, drumstep, drum & bass, electro house, glitch hop, trap, and moombahcore styles – though other styles are accepted as well. Just make sure its your best bass! New and creative melding of styles is a bonus.

Feel free to include a short bio or social media links if you’d like, but attached PDFs or JPGs are not necessary. Please do not link us to something we must download in order to hear, we cannot accept those submissions. Links to streaming audio only. By submitting a demo to us you are automatically added to our weekly mailing list. No spam, just bass delivered weekly.

General Inquiries & Publicity

Email: info [at]

Partnership Inquiries

Email: des [at]